As you will know, if you have kids, it can be difficult to get them to brush their teeth. It can be even harder to get them to brush for the correct length of time, in the correct order and sequence and with the correct rhythm.

We saw an article in the Daily Mail last week which talked about a dental professional and a musician coming up with a formula which encourages children to brush their teeth properly.

it's all down to an equation you see, with the ideal song having eight bars of music, followed by an additional two sets of four bars. If the music also includes a double chorus and middle  bridging section, known as a double eight then the track will be the ideal rhythm and speed to brush your teeth to.

So, according to the research, what is the perfect track to brush your teeth to? You may be surprised to hear that it is Gangnam Style by PSY. The track has had 1.3 billion views on YouTube making it one of the most popular online videos ever released.

A dental expert who worked with Aquafresh on the Gangnam Style brushing technique recommends that children brush 35 times on each side of the mouth, using seven strokes in five areas to ensure good oral hygiene.

We reckon this absolutely has to be an idea worth testing, so are you ready for it? Grab your toothbrush and press the play button below.



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