AcJames Arthur X factor finalistcording to the Daily Mail James Arthur, along with many of the other finalists in X factor, went to have their teeth whitened prior to the final run of shows in the series. Many celebrities, and those in the public limelight are having teeth whitened nowadays, in order to help with confidence and the way they look on TV.

How does teeth whitening work?

There are a few types of teeth whitening however the easiest one to explain is home whitening. This is where you will have custom made and clear close-fitting bleaching trays made to fit your teeth. You then simply apply a small amount of the hydrogen peroxide whitening gel into these trays each day. The strength of the gel determines the length of time that you will need to wear the trays for each day, it will also determine how many days you will need to wear the trays for.

The good thing with this form of teeth whitening is that you are able to control the whiteness of your teeth yourself, you simply continue whitening until you have reached your ideal tooth colour shade.

If you have veneers/crowns can you still have teeth whitening?

Ultimately the answer to this question is yes, it certainly is possible to have veneers and/or crowns and have your teeth whitened. However, you need to be aware that veneers or crowns will not lighten with the gel. So if you have existing crowns and veneers and you would like your teeth whiter then the best solution is to have your teeth whitening first. If you whiten your teeth first it is then easier to match new crowns and veneers to this new white colour. You will of course have to accept the fact that your old crowns or veneers may look dark for a period of time.

Why did the X factor finalists have teeth whitening?

The reason is simple, it is the fastest way to have the greatest impact on your smile. In the long-term the X factor finalists may decide to have additional dental treatment to straighten out their teeth, this could include orthodontics or perhaps instant veneers. However, in the short run up to the final of X factor the simplest thing to do is to go for teeth whitening. You would be amazed at how much brighter a smile can look with a short treatment such as this.