When deciding to go for dental braces it is often a good idea to see a range of before and after photographs as this gives an idea as to the type of treatment but it is possible to undertake with braces. It may also allow you to see issues with your own teeth that you had not noticed before, or perhaps imperfections that you did not realise were able to be solved.

This blog post goes through three cases and shows you before and after photographs of when the patient had finished orthodontics with the six month smiles braces system.

Dental Braces case number one

Clearly this patients teeth are very crooked, and it is quite obvious that if they were straightened out they would look much better. However the issue we wish to draw your attention to in this case is the patient's left lateral. This is the tooth next to the front to on the patient's left hand side (in other words on the right of the photograph as you look at it).

You will notice that this tooth seems to be dark, this is a common complaint from people with crooked teeth, that the tooth which is set back appears to be dark. However, this is an optical illusion, and is caused by the shadowing. If you then look at the same tooth in the after photograph you can see that it now looks much brighter and whiter than it did before the patient wore braces.

This is simply because the shadow has been reduced by bringing the tooth out into the archline.

Also worth noticing is the shape of the tip of the two front teeth. Notice in the before photograph that the tips of the teeth are rather rounded. The patient clearly did not like this and so in the after photograph you can notice that these have been straightened of to give a more even smile.

This type of additional modification to the teeth after you have had dental braces is a simple process to do. We can either make minor adjustments to the tooth by gently removing tiny amounts, or if the truth is chipped, we can add a dental bonding material to the surface of the tooth to rebuild it with an instant veneer or perhaps lighten it all together with teeth whitening.

It is often the case that this type of additional dental work is done with dental braces to achieve the ideal cosmetic dental look.

six month smiles case two

Dental Braces case number two

Once again it does not need us to point out that this patient would benefit from orthodontics. Worth noticing in this case is the shadows towards the back of the mouth. If you ignore the crooked front teeth and look towards the back teeth at the left and right of the photograph, you can notice how this area falls into a dark shadow.

Now compare this to the after photograph, and this shadowing area seems to have gone and the smile now looks much fuller.

This particular area of the mouth is called the 'buccal corridor' and it is a familiar technique to many cosmetic dentists to widen the bucccal corridor to reduce this shadowing effect. This broadens the arch line of the teeth and makes the smile look much fuller. A few years ago the only way to do this on adults was to fix porcelain veneers to the outside of the teeth to build them out, with modern orthodontic adult braces it is possible to widen this part of the mouth and bring the teeth out naturally.

six month smiles case one

Dental Braces case number three

This final case of the patient that has warned dental braces demonstrates the overall look of the patients face once the teeth have been straightened. After treatment the smile becomes much more genuine and fuller, and her eyes sparkle. When patients are asked to smile before having orthodontic treatment and with their teeth crooked, many people find this very difficult to do as they have trained themselves over the years to be embarrassed about their smile.

After dental braces many people find it so much easier to smile, and this is reflected across the whole face including their eyes.

six month smiles case three


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