Patients are often asking us for reviews of the six month braces that we offer here in the practice. We thought this blog post was opportunity to post some before and after photographs and reviews of these six month smile orthodontic technique. This process of moving teeth is unique in its ability to move teeth with fairly severe rotations and unevenness in a short period of time.


Six month braces review number one.

This patient disliked the fact that the canines (I teeth) seems to be too short. This shows in the patient's mouth as lack areas underneath these teeth. The front for teeth were also misaligned and overlapping somewhat. It was therefore decided that treatment with six month braces would be a good way of starting out.

6MS before

After six months of wearing the ceramic braces this was the result.

6MS after


You can see that the smile has straightened up significantly and all of the teeth are now in line. One thing to notice is how the gum margins lineup, in the before photograph when we reviewed this treatment you could see that the gum margins were not even. Reviewing the six month braces treatment afterwards it can be seen that the gum line is now equal and even between all teeth.


Six month braces review number two.

As is clearly seen the patients upper left front tooth was quite severely rotated and twisted.This often presents a concern to patients as it clearly affects the athletics of the patients smile. However it also means that crooked teeth are more difficult to clean as getting a toothbrush or floss into these rotated areas can be somewhat awkward.

Case 12 Before

Once again after treatment with braces for six months you can see that the teeth are now nice and neatly in line. Sometimes the patient requests teeth whitening after we have finished the six month smiles treatment, however as in this case this is not always necessary.

Case 12 Before

Smilemore Dental Care in St John's Wood, north London have a special interest in orthodontic therapies with the six month braces treatment options. If you are interested in 6 Month Smiles, then we offer a free consultation for this treatment, please follow the appropriate links on this webpage.