As we get older is often possible that teeth can become damaged due to daily use, but also small pieces of tooth can chip when knocked, such as by a glass or cup. Not only are teeth that have been chipped ugly to look at, but depending on the size of the chip this can start to affect the overall health of your tooth. In some cases a chipped or damaged tooth can also affect the way your teeth function against each other, this can lead to jaw joint problems or in severe cases even headaches.

The most severe form of chipped tooth can be the complete removal of the crown of the tooth leaving only the root, if this has happened then a more complex treatment known as a root canal treatment will be required, however, in most cases a chipped or damaged tooth is simply a small piece of tooth which has broken off or chipped away. If this is what happened to you then cosmetic bonding could be the perfect treatment.

What is the procedure for cosmetic bonding?

before starting treatment, your dentist will take a colour of your existing teeth. This is done from a cosmetic shading chart or guide, there are around 26 different shades that the dentist can choose from to precisely match the colour of your tooth. You tooth surface or then gently be cleaned and roughened slightly (known as tooth etching) to provide an adequate key for the cosmetic bonding material to adhere to.

Your dentist will then simply take a small piece of bonding material, apply it to your tooth, cure it with a high intensity lamp and then apply a small amount more - until finally your tooth has been completely rebuilt to its original shape.

Why is cosmetic bonding so good?

Many patients love this technique as it is a quick and simple solution to minor problems, this results in a more cost effective solution and means that natural tooth structure is not removed such as is normally required for dental veneers.

Often, cosmetic bonding can be undertaken with no injection at all, this makes the whole process simple comfortable easy and affordable.

Smilemore dental care is located in St John's Wood high Street in North London and is easily accessible for local patients to find out more about this amazing treatment which is often used in conjunction with teeth whitening and/or orthodontics.