Gum disease in many people can advance without any noticeable pain, this is dangerous as it means the disease can attack your gums and bone without you knowing or being aware of the affects.

If you do not get your gum disease treated, it can lead to periodontal disease. This affects the teeth themselves and can result in bone loss which ultimately leads to tooth loss.

There are now also links between gum disease and your overall health, as Whoopi Goldberg discusses in this video

How to spot gum diease

One of the main problems is that it is very difficult to spot early on. If you notice your gums are bleeding when you brush, or are very sensitive then gum disease has already started. If you find this is the case we strongly recommend you contact a local London dentist as soon as possible to help treat the early signs of gingivitis.

Looking after your gums is important to us at Smilemore Dental Care in St Johns Wood, we have a dental hygienist to look after any gum diease that you might have and to help you manage it.